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Our Long-Term Commitment to Energy-Efficient LED

As a company, we enjoy making a positive impact on our environment by reducing waste and the world’s carbon footprint. We have a long-term commitment to producing high quality, energy-efficient LED products.

Energy-Saving Lighting Design

Our lighting experts offer photometric layout and design for all projects to optimize your lighting scheme for energy efficiency and reduced costs.

Energy-Efficient Products

LED lighting allows companies to save thousands of dollars a year in reduced energy and maintenance costs. In a recent calculation using Nova high-bay with sensors replacing 400-Watt Metal Halide, we saw a 92% decrease in annual energy usage and 261,228 KgCO2e annual emissions reduction.

Manufacturing Quality

We custom build our fixtures from raw materials and component parts, which gives us complete control over how our products are produced.

Rigorous Standards

Our U.S. based assembly includes configuring products to your specifications, performing final product testing, and ensuring your fixtures comply with required safety certifications.

Lasting Dedication

FX Lighting is part of the QSSI family of companies, established in 1985, with a long-term commitment to LED technologies. We are dedicated to providing lasting value to our customers by investing in manufacturing capabilities for ongoing success.

Explore Our Energy-Efficient LED Fixtures

All of our energy-saving fixtures are custom built to your specifications.