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Full Service LED Lighting Solutions

FX Lighting focuses on the most demanding environments requiring lighting. Our products deliver a customized lighting solution for each customer using patented design to deliver low cost of ownership and increased productivity. From quote to installation, we’ll guide you every step of the way to help make your facility safer and more energy-efficient.

Lighting Design

For new builds. FX Lighting uses photometric software for accurate illumination analysis. This is a technical tool that creates color images showing the illuminance for every area of the customer’s facility, assists in luminaire placement, and validates adherence to any number of lighting criteria. Photometric layout and design is a service we offer for all projects. Developing the proper layout for lighting systems not only ensures accuracy and code compliance but also offers the opportunity to minimize the cost of a lighting installation.

Lighting Audit

For existing builds. FX Lighting will perform a preliminary audit of your facility’s current lighting, identify opportunities for savings, and propose LED lighting solutions to meet industry illumination standards. By analyzing your power usage and utility bill, we provide insights regarding how much you can save on electrical and maintenance costs, and how much you can reduce your environmental impact. Once a lighting designer determines which lighting design is best suited for your facility, you will receive a customized proposal with a detailed quote.


Sometimes the best option is to upgrade existing applications to reduce labor costs and workplace disruption. By replacing your existing lighting system, you’ll use a fraction of the energy currently used. FX Lighting offers a variety of high-performance, long-life LED retrofit solutions.


Did you know that your company can apply for rebates to reduce the costs of your LED lighting project? There are energy rebate and incentive programs available for organizations from small retail stores to large industrial facilities that upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting. FX Lighting works directly with your utility provider to ensure that you receive the maximum rebate possible. Our in-house rebate specialists have extensive experience obtaining rebates and will submit all rebate documentation on your behalf.

Request a Free Lighting Consultation

Tell us more about your needs and we will help you customize long-lasting, efficient lighting solutions for your facilities.