Free Lighting Audit + Free Sensors = Up to 92% Energy Reduction

92% reduction in energy annual usage

22% more light on task

261,228 kgCO2e emissions reduced

>80% per year maintenance savings

Payback in 1.8 years

Results from a recent application using Nova high-bay WITH sensors replacing 400-Watt Metal Halide

Achieving optimal light and energy efficiency in your facility is a complex task. ​FX Lighting will make the decision easy. We’ll review your current lighting installation and needs and provide a cost-effective solution resulting in energy efficient, high-quality light. You’ll also qualify for free sensors with eligible purchases (a minimum $1,200 value).

How It Works

  1. Fill out the form below to request your free lighting audit.
  2. One of our lighting experts will follow up with you for additional information about your facility and your challenges.
  3. We will conduct a free lighting audit and send you a customized lighting layout for your facility along with an analysis of how much you could save on energy and maintenance.
  4. When you decide to use our products for your project, we will give you free occupancy sensors for each fixture you order (50 fixture minimum). These sensors can increase your energy savings to 90% and represent a $1,200 minimum value.