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Four Lessons from 36 Years in Lighting

Lessons from 36 Years in Lighting Feature Image

As a company, FX Lighting has gained so much by being a part of the QSSI family. Their expertise from 36 years in manufacturing has been invaluable, and we wanted to share with you key lessons from their decades in the lighting industry.

While the LED industry has undergone a lot of rapid changes, consolidations, and closures, QSSI has shown a consistency and stability that sets them apart from other suppliers. These four lessons have made all the difference.

Quality Saves Time and Money

The quality of LED fixtures has the biggest influence on their longevity and efficiency and therefore has tremendous impact on ROI. High quality fixtures require less maintenance, can be replaced less frequently, and save energy – all saving you time and money.

That’s how QSSI’s relentless pursuit of quality led them from manufacturing die cast parts and components to custom building fixtures to order. QSSI determined the best way to ensure end product quality was to own the manufacturing process from beginning to end.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, QSSI manages every step of the process for custom designs and fixture manufacturing from raw materials and component parts. Customers have come to rely on the QSSI family of brands for consistent quality they can count on. This quality translates into better ROI for your lighting projects.

One Solution Does NOT Fit All

Each space and application has different functional and aesthetic needs. Why should you be confined to the same fixture specifications as someone else? 

Whether you need fixtures for a food inspection station, an oil refinery, or a parking lot, the QSSI family of brands is here to make sure that you get exactly the lighting you need. 
Because we custom build all of our LED fixtures to order, you can specify the color, wattage, mounting, lumen output and more. Get exactly what you need with the same turnaround time you would get with non-customized fixtures.

When a Solution Doesn’t Exist, Make Your Own

QSSI’s creed is to embrace market changes head on and expand their products and services to ensure that customer needs are met. This approach led them to develop extensive product lines for indoor, outdoor, harsh, and hazardous environments. The QSSI family is positioned to respond quickly to market changes. Contact us to discuss your project.

Performance and Quality Require a Long-Term Mindset

The LED market has experienced rapid changes in recent years. Customers have struggled to find consistent products and sourcing. Many companies were unable to withstand the test of time and their products are no longer available. While many LED manufacturers have consolidated or closed, QSSI has continued to grow by building sustainable products and business practices for the long run. Delivering consistent performance and quality requires a forward-looking mindset and a focus on sustainability. The QSSI family of brands is a debt-free, family-owned business. We are committed to being your long term partners for durable, efficient LED products.

As a QSSI company, FX Lighting is proud to serve you with the same focus on quality, customization, innovation, and sustainability as our parent company. Learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you with your next lighting project.