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American-Built Lighting

Benefits of American-Built Lighting Solutions

As our country continues to develop, technology and manufacturing are becoming more vital than ever. Some products are simply too important to be dependent on foreign sources, which is why American-built lighting solutions are so beneficial. There are many ways in which global influences have the potential to impact the American economy. We have recently

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Lessons from 36 Years in Lighting Feature Image

Four Lessons from 36 Years in Lighting

As a company, FX Lighting has gained so much by being a part of the QSSI family. Their expertise from 36 years in manufacturing has been invaluable, and we wanted to share with you key lessons from their decades in the lighting industry. While the LED industry has undergone a lot of rapid changes, consolidations,

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Industrial lighting specialists reviewing plans

Four Critical Considerations for Industrial Lighting

“It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.” Eleanor Roosevelt Regardless of your industry, your company needs to account for these four critical elements for quality of light to achieve proper industrial lighting functionality and design: Foot-candles Distribution pattern Fixture mounting height Environmental conditions Foot-Candles The amount of illuminance required

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