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Case Study

American Tire

Annual Savings





Carbon Emissions

212,149 kgCO2e

Light levels in tire storage facilities are challenging because the dark and dense tires retain much of the light with little to no reflectance. The darkness affected daily warehouse activity and was a potential safety issue.

FX Lighting replaced 180 existing 1000-watt metal halide fixtures with the Aurora Linear High bay fixture. The energy efficient Aurora produces 30,000 lumens with only 200 watts resulting in 80 percent energy savings. In addition, each fixture features a bi-level motion sensor, when no activity is present, the fixture is dimmed to 50 percent of lumens resulting in energy savings of more than 90%.

This project increased light levels from an average of only 7 foot-candles to an average of 30 foot-candles. Additional features of the Aurora include the IP66 waterproof and dust-proof rating which over time greatly reduces the likelihood of maintenance issues.

Payback Time

10 Months


Commercial / Industrial


72,000 SF


Warehouse Storage

Existing Fixture

1000 Watt Metal Halide

New Fixture