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Benefits of American-Built Lighting Solutions

American-Built Lighting

As our country continues to develop, technology and manufacturing are becoming more vital than ever. Some products are simply too important to be dependent on foreign sources, which is why American-built lighting solutions are so beneficial.

There are many ways in which global influences have the potential to impact the American economy. We have recently seen how supply chain disruptions can impact the health, safety, and livelihoods of Americans—leaving us without access to critical goods during the recent pandemic. Supply chain disruptions have also caused prices to rise and lead times to increase dramatically.

In this environment, American-built lighting has some key advantages. Here are a few reasons why Buying American is beneficial:

Lower Emissions

Upgrading your LED lighting with a domestically manufactured product not only saves energy as a result of lighting improvements and increased efficiency, but purchasing domestically also helps lower emissions and reduce your carbon footprint.

Stronger Economy

Purchasing from American companies creates a virtuous cycle that supports both the business and the employees, resulting in a stronger economy. More jobs mean more people spending money in their local economy, which leads to a chain reaction of increased investment and job opportunities.

Customer Service

Many domestic companies are also highly committed to customer service and are willing to go the extra mile for their customers. Whether this is careful timing of delivery, or special customization for an important project, the flexibility and cooperation of American companies are not always evident when purchasing international products. FX Lighting is able to offer customization of nearly every product in our catalog because we control our supply chain and manufacturing. Specifically, we build our fixtures from raw materials and component parts, which gives us complete control over how products are produced.

Quality Products

American companies, like FX Lighting, can provide some of the best products on the market. Qualified workers, strong health and safety regulations, and other American manufacturing requirements result in high-quality products that consist of high-quality components.

Faster Delivery

One more reason that buying American products can make a positive impact for businesses is that in many cases, lead times to delivery are significantly shorter due to the ease of national transportation of products. Often, the proximity of manufacturing locations and the elimination of more time-consuming and expensive shipping requirements supports lower costs and faster delivery. FX Lighting is able to ship cataloged fixtures in 5 days or less, giving customers the ability to move forward quickly with upgrades and repairs.

If you need lighting fixtures on a tight schedule, or with custom requirements, FX Lighting’s domestic manufacturing locations are available to coordinate, and you can rest assured that you are Buying American. Learn more about our capabilities here.